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Klink - Tether without root
 e via the Market.   Uses USB for longer battery life and greater speed   Supports Windows  XP/Vista/7/32 bit/64 bit , Mac OS X 10.5  or later , and Ubuntu/Linux  32 bit and 64 bit    Written in C  NOT Java  for efficiency, speed, and lower power consumption.   Handles hundreds of simultaneous connections. Klink can take on the most demanding applications.   Is fast and 
  One,, LiveDrive, HiDrive, Google Docs, NetDocuments, Amazon S3, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV or windows share  Samba/CIFS  accounts, and support for more platforms are planned. Read only access to protected file system also supported   requires root. Effortlessly sync your files. Backup your music, pictures and other important files from the phone to your cloud storage or the other wa 
WebSharing File/Media Sync
  Most current browsers will play MP4 files using HTML5. The Flash player is capable of playing MP4, 3GPP, and FLV files. More information and documentation are available on our web site: 
HushSMS Full Version
 target devices  recipients phone  including Samsung Android Phones, shows an error when received on Windows Mobile but does not show senders number,and as reported Nokia 1100 / 1616 dumbphone  number is shown , but YMMV    Global notification even if HushSMS is not running  Please note that due to the nature of android this notification will also be displayed if you receive a status report genera 
 Turn your Android device into the second monitor for your Mac or Windows PC  Turn your Android tablet or phone into additional display for your Mac or Windows computer. Increase your personal productivity by extending your computer screen  Perfect tool for multitaskers, iDisplay lets you use your Android as interactive wireless display to give you more screen real estate. " T 
Remote Phone Call
 Use your Microsoft Windows PC as remote dialer for managing incoming and outgoing calls and for writing and receiving SMS messages. Look for missed incoming calls in your call log, read your SMS and use your phone contacts for dialing and creating SMS messages. All from your Windows desktop via Wi Fi or Bluetooth . Ideal in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset. You can leave your phone  
FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root)
 change the hotspot password, make sure you rename the hotspot also before activating. 6. Sometimes Windows need a " repair"  on the WiFi menu to get a correct IP address. 
hack 3g viettel cua windows phone ess the Internet. It supports both TCP and UDP protocols  NO ROOTING NEEDED  Tested with Windows Xp/7 PCs, Mercedes Comand OnLine, Toyota Touch& Go, Tom Tom Rider, Clever GPS, BB Playbook How to setup  only the first time :   Remove the previous pairing between your devices   Start the BlueDUN service, make the phone discoverable   Create the new pairing   Setup the DUN  
BeejiveIM Pro
 BeejiveIM Instant Messenger  Chat on AIM / iChat, Windows Live Messenger / MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook, Jabber, MySpace, and ICQ  BeejiveIM is an all in one instant messaging app that allows you to message all your IM buddies anywhere you go  See what reviewers are saying: " With support for just about every major IM protocol we ever find ourselves using alongside thing  hack 3g viettel cua windows phone
MultiWindow Messenger
 ou can have in your phone as well. You can have similar experience just like multiple chat windows of computers on your android device. MultiWindow Messenger can run over any running applications and directly reply from there along with thread conversations. MultiWindow Messenger floating window can run on any running application like internet surfing, video app,etc  No 
LilyPad (Pop Up Floating Chat)
 ddy list Intuitive Design:  Holo style layout with action bar  Adjustable/resizable chat windows  Quick Hide Mode: single tap action bar to enable quick hide mode  Double tap action bar to minimize chat windows completely  Tabbed chatting for multiple conversations  perfect for small screens  If you have previously purchased LilyPad HD, you will automatically unlock the full 
 Imitation Windows Phone 7 interface of the phone book. The Pro version has no ads in current version. I will add other features in the paid version. If you want to try, go download the free version. id=milkmidi.minicontact Support Languate Czech   translation by Marek Juračka . French   translation by Johan Jaworski . Polish  translation by Michał Jastrzę 
Text Me! - Free Texting + SMS
 ies worldwide FOR FREE   Send and Receive large Pictures &  Videos from  Android, iOS or Windows Phone 7 device   Enjoy group texting features with text, photos and videos   Easily find your facebook friends on Textme and chat with them  for free   Get notified when your message is delivered to your friend Other  goodies that come with TextMe:   Overall spe 
 ur home, your office, your garage, and even your grandma&rsquo s house if you wanted. It works over 3G / Edge / Local or Remote Wi Fi. BLASTING SPEEDJumiCam has video &  audio streaming technologies that provide the best performance available. Includes optimized streaming modes that provide:✔ Extra smooth video with extremely high frame rate✔ Low data transfer that save on cost &  allo 
Talkdroid Messenger
 Talkdroid Messenger. New Windows Live Messenger client  TalkDroid Messenger is a new Windows Live Messenger instant messaging client. Also called MSN Messenger. This is a donate version without ads. Before posting a negative comment, please email me with your problem and i will try to find out a solution. Thanks.   Do you wanna translate this application in more languages  email me  
Tablet Talk
 te notification sounds automatically while connected and to mark text messages as read. Popup windows: quickly reply to new messages without opening the app  Popup windows can be set to display over the lockscreen, too  You can disable popup windows in settings. The UI includes the standard elements of your phone&rsquo s SMS app while making use of the tablet&rsquo s large screen. Text 
MSN Messenger: Mercury Donate
 MSN  Windows Live Messenger or WLM  client with file transfer, voice clips etc  MSN  Windows Live Messenger or WLM  client   Feedback is welcome If you have a question, problem or suggestion press Menu, choose Help inside the app   Android Market CommentsIf you have a problem and comment in the android market, please also mail me  though menu help in the app , I most likely need 
Toshl Finance Budget & Expense
 droid and iOS, EasyMoney and Expense Tracker on Android, but Toshl Finance is available on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, MeeGo, Symbian with cross platform sync
  friendly Toshl Monsters to make finance fun and quirky  
eBuddy Messenger
 irc n luô n kết nối với tất cả bạn bè  và  gia đì nh của bạn trê n MSN  Windows Live Messenger hoặc WLM , Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, Gtalk  Orkut , ICQ, AIM  AOL  và  Facebook.  mới có  phiê n bản 3.0    sử dụng Google C2DM cho hiệu suất cao hơn   chỉ dà nh cho Android 2.2 và  đời cao hơn.   Đồng thời trò  chuyện hoặc nhắn tin nhanh với 
Metro Notifications
 Windows Phone Notifications displays Windows Phone styled non intrusive notification banners for any app on your device. You can swipe the notification to the right to dismiss it, to the left to dismiss all notifications, or click it to launch it. You can set a custom colors for any app. Follow us : 

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